Daniel is able to play for you at any variety of circumstances including, but certainly not limited to:

Weddings - Daniel can make your special day even better with the sound of the pipes. He can march you up to the altar and out again, he can play outside the church as guests arrive and he can entertain your family and friends at the reception. It is totally up to you. Be assured, he is experienced and is used to unusual requests.

Funerals - They are a time of reflection and remembrance and there is no better way to create a strong memory than to have a great piper play by the grave. Having a piper at a funeral is a wonderful way to honour your loved one.

Parties - Make your party a truly festive and fun event by having a top-quality piper make an appearance. In addition to the normal marches that most people hear, Daniel can play a great variety of other tunes such as strathspeys, reels, jigs and hornpipes which can thrill and entertain.

Rates depend upon time, location and circumstance so please phone at (403) 807-0362 or e-mail to get a quote for your event.